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Community Fitness

This is our only membership offering at the Fieldhouse. 

Mornings only, group format, amazing coaches.

Approachable, yet challenging.

Community First

Our certified fitness instructors will make you sweat, but your fellow athletes will keep you coming back.

The best part of this functional fitness program is you can hang out afterwards for coffee, brunch, or throw a mimosa in for good measure. Life's better with friends, and there's no better way to make them than through sports. Come work out with us!

P.S. we have lights, A/C, and clean bathrooms!

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Fitness Format

Classes starting Jan 22, 2024:

Sundays  --  TBD

Mondays  --  5:15a and 9a

Tuesdays  --  5:15a

Wednesdays  --  5:15a and 9a

Thursdays  -- 5:15a

Fridays  -- 5:15a and 9a

Saturdays  --  TBD

No need to schedule. Our members show up when they can, and we'll work you into the program.

Expect a variety of functional fitness routines tailored for the all levels.

Free to try.


Additional household members over 18 receive 30% discount.

Household members under 18, free with membership.

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