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Pickup Games!

Our goal is to host curated pickup games for the community as frequent as possible amongst our other operations. We'll fit these in where we can. During open play times, with enough adults/kids, our staff will facilitate a pick-up game on the fly. 

Kids: Mostly gone are days of kids playing at the sandlot until dark, and kids are often so busy specializing in one sport that they have little time to commit to another. Screentime and sport burnout result. We believe it great for kids to play sports and meet new friends in safe environment. So, we will host affordable pickup games of various sports with specified age ranges. Check back to this page or our social media for our upcoming pick-up games.

Adults: we know you're at times too busy to commit to one of our adult league options. We'll have pickup games for your too.

Families: get ready for family sports. Meet other parents with kids of the same age, and get active together. The strength of the community is the strength of its families, so let's get to playing and building relationships through fun sports.

The link below takes you to our activities schedule filtered to a list of our upcoming pick-up games, including pickleball!

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