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Sports at the Community Fieldhouse

We support a variety of sports activities in various formats:

Area sports leagues use our facilities for their own program.

We offer curated community pickup games, sports clinics, and a membership based group fitness program called Community Fitness.

We also schedule open times for rentals and open play.


This page lists all of the leagues at the Community Fieldhouse with links to sign up through their websites. Is your league missing? Have your league coordinator reach out to


We are working on a list of incredible coaches to train the community in various sports. We'll keep a listing of all of our upcoming clinics, and if you are a coach or local professional athlete interested in providing a clinic, please contact

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A membership based group fitness program indoors in the mornings on our turf field or courts with fantastic trainers. We've tried to keep this affordable and accessible. Join the Community, get in shape, and hang out after. Reward yourself with brunch or our coffee bar, and maybe get a little work done on our fast WiFi.

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If you want to host your own game, we've got you covered. Anyone can rent out space on our turf fields, multipurpose courts, golf simulator, or BATBOX baseball simulator!

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We will host curated pickup games - think no commitment, get off the screens, and meet new people. Is your child busy with select sports? Get them to try something new with a pickup game designed just for their age group. We'll also have some parent-child games to meet other families with kids of the same age. Adults, we've got you too. Just don't pull a hammy. 

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