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Our 70ksqft building, better said as 1.6 acres inside, is clear span (no support poles). For the engineers in the room, it's awesome. For the concert goers, it's a huge space with nothing blocking the view. Our modular sports spaces have retractable netting so that we can quickly shift the venue from sports to concert hall. Please stay tuned for more information on our concert lineup. Our first concert Feb 10 was a big hit. Thank you for coming! It was a family friendly concert with kids playing sports while a full professional concert entertained the crowd.

We will also offer smaller live music events on the patio or indoors in the restaurant area. These will happen on very regular basis, and we have sound equipment for easy setup. This is a perfect place to put on a set. Our local youth are certainly welcome! We support our local artists! Expect battle of the high school bands sometime this year. Get ready. 

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